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HPYD 7 - Full List of Papers

Paper Title
Force generation mechanisms of downwind sails
Abel Arredondo-Galeana
Efficient jib-mainsail FSI modelling based on an extended Lifting-Line Theory – Validations with semi-rigid sails experiments
Antoine Morvan
Analytical study of a foiling catamaran in waves.
Castaneda Sabadell
F50 Wing 2.0: Developing a next-generation wing sail control system
Edward Hawthorne
Aerodynamic performance - transferring load between cable and sail
J B Braun
On the effect of the leading-edge separation bubble on the aerodynamics of spinnakers
Jean-Baptiste Souppez
Review of underwater fluid-structure interaction measuring techniques
Laura Marimon Giovannetti
Variation of underwater appendages and their effects on wind powered ships
Laura Marimon Giovannetti
Experimental investigations on conventional and unconventional boost systems to assist take-off of hydrofoil crafts
Luigi Minerva
Split-Flaps for Increased Heel Stability of T-Foil Configurations
Nimal Prabahar
Characterization of a flow separation sensor on a hydrofoil: the Hydro e-Telltale
Patrick Bot
Route evaluation methods for long-distance sailing vessels performance predictions
Sofia Werner
Selection of Existing Sail Designs for Multi-Fidelity Surrogate Models
Tanya Peart
Designing and building for impact: Quantitative dynamic shear strength of sandwich core material
Thomas Basset
Localised core shear stress in sandwiches with facesheet thickness variations
Tom Allen
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