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HPYD 7 - Session Guide

Session 1: Experimental Hydrodynamics

  • Characterization of a flow separation sensor on a hydrofoil: the Hydro e-Telltale - Patrick Bot

  • Review of underwater fluid-structure interaction measuring techniques - Laura Marimon Giovannetti

  • Experimental investigations on conventional and unconventional boost systems to assist take-off of hydrofoil crafts - Luigi Minerva

Session 2: Disturbances and Controls

  • Split-Flaps for Increased Heel Stability of T-Foil Configurations - Nimal Prabahar

  • Analytical study of a foiling catamaran in waves - Castaneda Sabadell

  • F50 Wing 2.0: Developing a next-generation wing sail control system --Edward Hawthorne

Session 3: Wind Powered Ships

  • Route evaluation methods for long-distance sailing vessel performance predictions - Sofia Werner

  • Variation of underwater appendages and their effects on wind powered ships - Laura Marimon Giovannetti

  • Efficient jib-mainsail FSI modelling based on an extended Lifting-Line Theory – Validations with semi-rigid sails experiments - Antoine Morvan

Session 4: Sails

  • On the effect of the leading-edge separation bubble on the aerodynamics of spinnakers - Jean-Baptiste Souppez

  • Force generation mechanisms of downwind sails - Abel Arredondo-Galeana

  • Selection of Existing Sail Designs for Multi-Fidelity Surrogate Models - Tanya Peart

Session 5: Structures/Loads

  • Aerodynamic performance - transferring load between cable and sail - J B Braun

  • Designing and building for impact: Quantitative dynamic shear strength of sandwich core material - Thomas Basset

  • Localised core shear stress in sandwiches with facesheet thickness variations - Tom Allen

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