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HPYD 8 - Session Guide

Session 1: Aerodynamics

  • Aerodynamic Performance of a 68m Ketch Sailing Yacht Obtained from Wind Tunnel Tests - Etienne Gauvain and Mark Leslie-Miller.

  • Effect of Sail Rig-back Angle in Windsurfing Sailing- Kwan Pui Mok et al.

  • Unsteady Upwind Aerodynamics of a Sailing Yacht - Lauren M. Matich et al.

  • AC75 Aerodynamic Force Prediction Using a 3D Panel Code - Michele Francesco Melis et al.

Session 2: Wind assisted propulsion systems

  • Wind Tunnel Tests of a Two-Element Wingsail with Focus on Near-Stall Aerodynamics - Antonia Hillenbrand et al.

  • Wind Propulsion Performance Prediction Impact on Bulk Carrier Business Case - Heikki Hansen et al.

  • Towards ITTC Guidelines for Wind-Powered Ships - Sofia Werner

  • Dynamic Performance Prediction for Wind-Powered Ships - Martin Kjellberg et al.

Session 3: Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics

  • CFD Study on the Different Stratifications of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer and their Effect on the Performance of Wind Propelled Ships - Chiara Wielgosz et al.

  • Decomposing the Physical Components of Resistance Acting on Hydrofoil Appendages - Lev Chernyshev et al. 

  • Comparison of two commonly used Hydrofoils and their Propensity to Cavitation and Ventilation - James Mackenzie et al.

  • Development of an Adjoint VPP-Driven Hydrofoil Optimisation Framework - Rafael Tannenberg et al.

  • A Hierarchical Approach for Windsurfing Performance Analysis and Velocity Prediction - Hou et al.

Session 4: Structure and Strategy

  • Regulatory Developments in Structural Keel Design: A Revised ISO 12215-9 - David Lyons et al.

  • The Influence of Tabbing on an End-Loaded Compression Test Specimen for Thick Marine Composites - Joshua Rout et al.

  • Evaluation of Alternative Bow Topology to Improve Racing Yacht Crashworthiness - Alex Melia et al.

  • A Data-driven Race Strategy Tool for Olympic Sailing Competitions - Björn Forsberg et al.

Session 5: Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) 

  • On the Influence of Flow-Front Orientation on Stringer Stiffened Composite Panels in Water Impacts - Connor Pearson el al.

  • Mast design performance-Influence of the non-linear elastic behaviour of carbon fibre composite plies on the accuracy of fluid/structure interaction models for estimating mast bending - Vincent Keryvin and Pierre-Yves Méchin

  • Characterisation and Improvement of Aerodynamic Vibration in Modern Composite Rigging - Juanjo De La Cuesta et al.

  • Analysis on key parameters driving the mast stiffness accuracy for sail design using to fluid/structure simulation - Pierre-Yves Méchin and Vincent Keryvin

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